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Сhina VPN what is it

13.02.2020 15:21

Сhina VPN what is it

The term Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private virtual network.

development that allows you to create a secure channel for data transfer over the top
shared virtual network. The list of protected data also includes the user's IP address, which often leads to wide popularity

Why do I need a VPN
Main tasks of using a VPN:

anonymous user activity on the Internet. Quite a lot of visitors to various web resources do not want to disclose their personal data, including the IP address of the local server;
secure data transfer when working in public places (Internet cafes, for example), where the Internet is public.
The main reason for using secure networks is, of course, the security of personal data. For example, transactions with funds or payment certificates in open local corridors are fraught with fraud attacks or information leaks.

Re: Сhina VPN what is it

14.02.2020 14:50

The Chinese government is well aware that a VPN can be used to bypass the national content filter, and therefore announced plans to block access to such services. In fact, the ban was supposed to take effect as early as this year. But there is good news for everyone who travels to China: it seems that, in the end, the ban was not applied. Messages from China indicate that VPN connections are still working correctly.

Re: Сhina VPN what is it

14.02.2020 15:06

In recent months, the Chinese authorities have been very active in fighting anonymizers, and a whole campaign has been launched there. They block a huge number of VPNs - even those that expats pay for before temporarily arriving in China. Arriving, a person discovers that the service is not working. Now this is very strict. But, again, there are always new suggestions.

Re: Сhina VPN what is it

14.02.2020 15:15

If the trip is planned for a short time, and it is not planned to use VPN after returning home, you can buy 1 or 3 years of a paid subscription at a reduced cost, and then return the money using a guaranteed 30-day return. Some services will deduct from the cost the time when access to the servers was granted. Using Chinese free VPN services is highly not recommended. There are reports that information from such servers may be transmitted to law enforcement agencies and tourists may have problems when leaving the country.

Re: Сhina VPN what is it

14.02.2020 15:19

Internet access in twelve popular countries and why you might need a VPN when traveling there. Spoiler: In all these countries, VPNs are legal. Hma! - a responsible company. We do not want anyone to be jailed after heeding the advice of a painted donkey. But in some countries, VPN services are “less” legal, and it is for this case that I offer some useful tips to get around the dangers.

Re: Сhina VPN what is it

14.02.2020 18:53

Main features of avast! SecureLine Avast VPN評價.
Improves the security of public Wi-Fi networks
Avast VPN service! SecureLine protects you from data theft by encrypting your connection even when connecting to "open" (unprotected) Wi-Fi networks.

Makes you anonymous on the Internet by masking your real IP address
Use avast! SecureLine, if you don't want outsiders to be able to determine your location. This will allow you to have complete freedom and anonymity on the Internet.

Circumventing geographical restrictions
avast! SecureLine allows you to access geo-protected websites/servers. This feature is ideal for business trips around the world when you need to go through the geo-restrictions of your current Internet provider.

Easily switch IP addresses from a list of more than 14 countries.

Latest technology
avast! SecureLine uses the latest technologies to provide an anonymous and secure Internet connection.
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